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Hallo und Willkommen!


Hi, it’s good to see you here!

I am Melinda,

and I create digital content for brands, am fortunate enough to document wedding ceremonies for a living, and am also specialized in maternity and newborn photography.

I love working with natural light and capturing those fleeting, authentic little moments without directing you too much. The most important thing for me is that my clients feel comfortable and happy, not only with the end results, but also with the whole communication, connection and work flow.

After graduating from the University of the West of England with honors, and completing an internship in New York City, I now live and work as a photographer in Berlin.


I’m happy that you’ve found me - and even more happy that you’ve found each other.

I’m so lucky to be working with people who have found the one thing we’re probably all looking for: someone to trust in. Someone we can always rely on. I am hoping to give you this sense of security on your wedding day, too. I promise to do my very best to capture you, the big moments, and all the little, special moments in between, just like you are hoping for. I especially love unconventional and unique weddings, in locations that are meaningful to the couple.

I carry your heart,
I carry it in my heart
— Edward Estlin Cummings

I always feel very honoured when I’ve been chosen to accompany a wedding. I live for love, and seeing the love between people, love for the carefully selected dress, love for your child, your dog, your whole life together, makes me so happy. Love is Passion. And I feel passionate about photography. I am hoping to create images that are going to make you laugh, cry, smile, FEEL - even months and years after the big day. I’m a hopeless romantic myself, and totally believe in love. The reason why you can trust me? Because I trust in myself, and in the way that I work. I most probably am going to cry when you say “I do”, but exactly this ability to feel makes me think I might have a good eye for all the right moments. I am always here for you - before, during, and long after the big day.

Love is the reason for living,
and it is certainly the reason for everything else
in the universe as well.
— Barbara Cartland

I also enjoy creating commercial content for various brands. Often enough I'm also responsible for the creative direction of the project. Some of my work has been seen for:

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